Master the Drum Set!

Our goal is to channel your passion and interest in learning music and the art of drumming. We are proud of our approach to learning at move the air .... move the mind drum instruction by Mike Killela TM (for trademark). If you share the passion and interest in learning music, Drum Instruction by Mike Killela offers the best approach to accommodate your needs to reach your goals. My personalized programs address your strengths and weaknesses and ensure you remain challenged and growing at a comfortable pace. No matter your skill level or age, you can always learn and master the drum set. From short to long lessons to learning how to read music, you will soon gain the confidence to play your favorite songs. I am here to provide you a safe environment for you to freely express yourself while helping you foster the skills to become the drummer you’ve always dreamed of becoming. For more information on my drum lessons, please contact me at Drum Instruction by Mike Killela and schedule an appointment today!